Welcome to Ava’s Authentic's

Hi loves, I’m Ava

I choose the name Ava’s Authentic Jewelry because it feels it is true to me. In this journey called life, we are constantly changing and finding ourselves in new possibilities. To be authentic is to be true to your personality, values, and spirit, regardless of the pressure to act otherwise. We are not here to “fake it til we make it,” but rather align our actions to who we are at the deepest core. However, authenticity can be hard when others prey on our weakness as proof of our unworthiness, rather than our humanity. Through loving and accepting all parts of ourselves - strengths and weaknesses (including our anger and fear and sadness and pettiness) - we start to notice the flow in life through genuine, honest, and real interactions. 

When I’m not making jewelry, you can find me outside soaking up the sun. On my days off, I like go on hikes, nurture my houseplants, antique shop, and spend quality time with friends and family. I love to meet new people, you never know where a conversation could lead you! 

Candid Photos